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Trifocal hydrophobic IOL (Pod F GF)




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Vendor: ihlcares

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Technical specifications

Commercial name                               Pod F GF

Material                                               PhysIOL G-free® (hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free)*

Overall                                                diameter 11.40 mm

Optic                                                   diameter 6.00 mm

Optic                                                   Biconvex aspheric (-0.11μ SA) trifocal diffractive FineVision

Haptic design                                      Double C-loop & RidgeTech

Filtration                                             UV & blue light

Refractive index                                 1.52

Abbe number                                      42

Angulation                                          5°

Additional power                                + 1.75D for intermediate vision and + 3.50D for near vision

Injection system                                  Medicel Accuject 2.0 from 10D to 24.5D

                                                            Medicel Accuject 2.1 / 2.2 from 25D to 35D

Incision size                                        ≥ 2.0 mm

Spherical power                                  10D to 35D (0.5D steps)

Square edge                                        360°

Nominal manufacturer A constant      119.40

Suggested A constant**                     Interferometry                         Ultrasound

            Hoffer Q: pACD                    5.85                                         5.59

            Holladay 1: Sf                         2.06                                         1.80

            SRK II: A                               119.80                                     119.40

            SRK/T: A                                119.40                                     119.05

            Haigis***: a0; a1; a2               1.70; 0.4; 0.1                           1.214; 0.4; 0.1


The RidgeTech designThe RidgeTech design reduces the risk of stickiness between
the haptics and the optic.
It ensures a safe injection and reliable unfolding of the lens.


The Medicel Accuject injection system is recommended for implanting the FineVision HP lenses.

This fully single-use system represents total reliability for safe and effective lens injections.

Its compact design with integrated cartridge enables a simple, predictable loading and positioning of the lens.

Accuject 2.0 for lens diopters < 25D

Accuject 2.1 or 2.2 for lens diopters ≥ 25D

INJECTION GUIDELINESTrifocal hydrophobic IOL (Pod F GF)

  1. Apply viscoelastic into the tip and the loading chamber of

the injector cartridge.

  1. Remove the lens from the lens holder. Position the lens

into the cartridge in such way that the two haptics with

the holes are pointing at 1 and 7 o’clock.

  1. Exert slight pressure onto the lens optic and make sure

that all haptics are inside before further closing the

cartridge. Close the cartridge and check the position of

the lens.

  1. Once the "click-lock" mechanism engages, the lens is

securely loaded and ready for injection.

  1. Press the injector plunger forward and push the lens into

the conical tip of the cartridge.

  1. Pull the plunger back a few millimeters and then inject

the lens in one continuous motion. For gently implantation,

it is not necessary to push the plunger until the end of

the cartridge.

Implantation video