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Disposable Speculums With Sheath and a Built In Light Source Improve Cervical Visualization

Obtaining a clear view and full access to the cervix is critical in order to provide women with the high quality gynecological care they deserve. In the past, this has proven challenging, particularly in multiparous patients or those who are obese, as excessive lateral wall tissue can interfere with vaginal and/or cervical exams or biopsies conducted with a traditional speculum which provides only superior and inferior vaginal tissue retraction. Many professionals are now finding that the use of a ClearSpec disposable speculum with sheath and a built in light source not only provides an improved view of the cervix but also increases the overall speed and efficiency during every examination without sacrificing patient comfort.

Increase the Percentage of Cervix Visible at Each Exam

According to a 2014 publication in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, a full view of the cervix is obtained during less than 20 percent of all examinations conducted with a traditional speculum. This figure more than tripled with an upgrade to a disposable speculum with sheath, a tool which facilitated a full cervical view in over 60 percent of all exams conducted. In cases where the cervix was not completely visible, the disposable speculum was still shown to significantly increase the overall percentage of the cervix that was visible, due to the sheath which prevents excessive lateral wall tissue from obstructing the view of the medical caregiver.

Lateral Ports Provide Access to Vaginal Tissue

Using a disposable speculum with sheath designed to support excessive lateral wall tissue which can interfere with cervical visualization does not restrict access to that tissue itself, should there be a need to conduct a more detailed lateral exam or biopsy procedure in this area of the vaginal canal. The sheath of each disposable speculum contains lateral ports of a sufficient size to provide tissue access while still supporting and preventing the excess tissue from collapsing and restricting your view of the cervix. Although slight, the sheath was also shown to improve patient comfort and reduce pain during examination.

Three Sizes to Meet the Needs of Every Woman

ClearSpec disposable speculums with sheath and a built in light source are available in three sizes to provide the most advanced speculum design available for every woman. The reposable high powered LED light source, equipped with an automatic on and off switch, fits into the handle of the small, medium, and large sizes, providing more than 2 total hours of light directed precisely toward critical areas.

Improve Efficiency at Each Exam

An additional benefit of our disposable speculum with a sheath and light source is an increase in efficiency during each exam. As the sheath is designed to support excessive lateral wall tissue, there will be far fewer instances requiring the repositioning of the speculum when compared to traditional speculums. This allows you to complete a more thorough examination in less time, improving the overall efficiency within your clinic.

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